Maciek's guitars:
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Gibson J-45 1945 Gibson J-45, "banner" logo
Gibson Southern Jumbo 1946 Gibson Southern Jumbo
Gibson L-00 1934 Gibson L-00
Gibson L-0 1933 Gibson L-0
Oahu 1931 Oahu, Hawaiian Steel Guitar


Maciek's previous guitars

1993 Martin OM-28 Perry Bechtel Limited Edition
Martin OM-28 Perry Bechtel

Gibson J-45
Gibson J-45

National Style 0
National Style 0 Martin OM-42
Martin OM-42

Martin 000-28VS
Martin 000-28VS

1968 Martin D-21

1949 Gibson Southern Jumbo
Gibson Southern Jumbo

Dobro square neck
Dobro squareneck

1932 National Duolian
National Duolian

1947 Gibson ES-150
Gibson ES-150

1956 Gibson J-50
Gibson J-50

2000 Martin OM-18V
Martin OM-18V
Tricone Johnson JM-999 Tricone
Martin Martin D-42, a realy amaizing guitar! It has been signed by my favourite guitar player and singer Rory Block after her brilliant performance at Rawa Blues Festival 2003 in Katowice/Poland.
Gibson Gibson J-45
Gibson Gibson LG-0, from 1966
continental Continental Style O
tacoma Tacoma PM 20
johnson Johnson JM-998
gibson Gibson Hummingbird
martin Martin OM-21
gibson Gibson J-60 Traditonal
chaser Chaser
regal Regal
martin Martin J12-15
martin Martin M-36 Anniversary
johnson Johnson
washburn Washburn J8 Wes Montgomery
dove Gibson Dove
j200 Gibson J-200
scgc Santa Cruz F Custom
taylor Taylor 610
taylor Taylor 555
thompson Thompson T 1 Deluxe
ocsmith O.C. Smith
lakewood Lakewood D-32
am Albert und Mueller S-1
guild Guild FCE